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Meet the Team

Primrose Team: Selma
Selma Copijn

Selma just loves jewellery… 

When she was only a tiny Selma, she found herself in her mothers gemstone store admiring all the beautiful earrings and necklaces her mother made. She very quickly learned how to recognise the right qualities and how to hand make the most beautiful creations. This is why starting Primrose was the obvious choice for her.

To her every piece she makes represents a story. This is the biggest joy she gets from working with jewelry. Wondering what beautiful adventures all her creations are going to travel to next. She believes you create your own stories in your life, and you can create your own beautiful world… this belief is what she puts into every piece she makes💗

Selma loves going out on a warm summer day and wandering the lovely Amsterdam streets and parks. Her favorite food is Sushi and her favorite movie is The Notebook (she cries every time she watches it🙈).

Selma’s favorite piece is the Golden Wing Earring because to her it represents the freedom to fly away and begin your own adventure 😊



Primrose Team: Claudia

Claudia Schuring

Claudia likes things to be tidy. Everything in her house has a specific place to make everything look gorgeous and maximum efficient. She is great at keeping her head cool when others become stressed.

At Primrose she is known for always knowing where stuff is… even when everybody else has already looked everywhere… it’s like magic

She is really techie and great at fixing everything that has to do with computers. That’s why Claudia is responsible for a lot of the website stuff 🤓

She just got her license to drive a motorbike and is now saving up to buy a black Ducati sports bike. Claudia loves eating pancakes, mini-golf and putting together Ikea furniture.

Claudia’s favorite piece is the Silver Sparkling North Star Earring because to her it represents that there can be immense beauty in the tiniest of things. A star may look small but it is a really beautiful and powerful source of energy💕




Primrose Team: Kee

Kee Sman

Kee has an amazing eye for detail. That is why she loves making earrings and treating each and every single one of them like the beautiful piece of gorgeousness they are. She is really creative and loves tattoo’s and spending hours in the kitchen with friends to make amazing edible artworks.

At Primrose, Kee is the master of earrings. She loves making even the most complicated pieces with lots of care and attention. She has also become know for making the most beautiful order boxes. Especially combining all the different pieces and styles that some people order, and turning it into one beautiful package 😍

Kee loves to go on holidays to sunny places, her favorite food is sushi and she is not able to count the amount of times she has seen Pretty Woman ☺️

Her favorite piece is the Silver Turquoise Evil Eye Earring because it reminds her of the warm summer sun. This way she feels she can take the sun with her wherever she goes 🌸




Primrose Team: Jade

Jade Adamsky

Jade is an amazingly talented perfectionist. She enjoys everything about creating earrings and can easily spend hours handcrafting the most beautiful creations. She enjoys spending time with the people she loves and going on “fashion hunts”, going from shop to shop to find just the right piece🤩

At Primrose, Jade is known for loving the earrings so much that while she is making them, she completely losses track of time. We now know we can remind her to also eat and take a break from time to time, otherwise she would be earrings 24/7🙈

Her favorite dish is pasta pesto, her favorite movie is Breakfast Club and she is saving up to go for a trip to Paris with her best friend. 

De earrings Jade loves most is the Silver Crescent Moon Cubic Earpin because it is both simple and complex at the same time. She loves how the simplest things can be beautifully complex, when you really take a look at it🌸

Primrose Team: Marijn

Marijn Tytgat

Marijn loves people and hanging out with friends. She has an extraordinary broad variety of skills. From playing on the piano, having an exquisite eye for detail or scoring goal after goal on the hockey field  🏑🎉

At Primrose, Marijn loves the team and working together. Wether it is working on necklaces, making earrings or customising the personalised jewellery boxes, she turns it into an art form.

Her favorite dish is sushi, she loves to shop for clothing and her dream is to make a year long trip around the world  ✈️

The White Cowrie Shell Earring is Marijn her favorite pieces because it captures the spirit of travel with elegance, by combining a real cowrie shell with 24 karat gold  😍

Primrose Team: Tessa

Tessa Janssen

Tessa is a true artist. She loves to draw, write or design stuff on her laptop. All she needs is some chill beats and she can easily zone out and just create stuff for hours. Her friends say she is a bit of a dreamer but that is exactly how she likes it😊

At Primerose she does amazing work creating and improving the earring designs. She is known for her special talent in working with pearls. So if you ordered something with pearls, chances are high Tessa made it for you😍

Her favorite movies are everything Harry Potter… she has seen them all many… like seriously many times🦉⚡️🧙🏻‍♂️

She loves the Golden Wild Tiger Earring, because she feel everyone has a strong inner power that you can tap into. The tiger reminds her of how powerful you truly are inside.

Primrose Team: Nouriya

Nouriya Kruithof

Nouriya loves to work with her hands and being creative and is an absolute music fanatic. She likes many styles, ranging from good old 60’s classics to sappy modern movie soundtracks our even a little bit of techno when she goes out to party 🎶

At Primrose she is known for being the DJ, since she knows her way around Spotify so well. When Nouriya is in, the music is always great!

She is saving up to buy a small home with her boyfriend just outside of Amsterdam. Hanging out with him is also one of her favorite activities, it doesn’t matter if they go out, watch a movie or just do nothing all day… when they are together, things are good 😍

Nouriya is a big fan a typical Dutch cuisine, her favorite movie is Brokeback Mountain and she loves going tot the spa in the weekend.

Because her friend call her “the tiger” her favorite earring is the Wild Tiger Earring from the first second she saw it 🐅

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