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    Materials & Care

    Most of our gold jewellery is plated with 1 microns 14 - 16 karat gold. This is a thick layer of gold (thicker than most conventional gold plated items).

    Everything is 100% nickel free.

    The hoop of the silver earrings is made of solid silver.

    Most of the charms are made with a high quality silver plating.

    You can find more specifications on the product page of every earring.

    Everything is 100% nickel free.

    Avoid situations where your jewellery comes in contact with soaps, lotions, hair spray or other chemicals because they can discolor and damage your jewellery.

    It is best not to wear it:

    - In the water (we recommend not to shower with it).

    - While sleeping.

    - During work-outs.

    When taking your jewellery while travelling, make sure to store your pieces in seperate places or bring them wrapped in paper, to avoid scratching.

    With every necklace and earring you get a beautiful box to keep them in. If stored in the dark and on a soft surface our jewellery will stay beautiful for a long time. 

    It is very common for silver jewellery to change color over time. This proces is called tarnishing. The good news is that tarnish only occurs on the surface and can be polished away with a soft cloth.

    Please note: chlorine and bleach accelerate tarnishing and contact with these chamicals should be avoided at all times.

    We recommend to not shower, swim, sport and sleep with your jewellery.

    That is why we made them so that the earrings open and close very easily with a little hinge and a click&close system. So they are super easy to take of and put in again.

    Discount Codes & Gift Cards

    Your 3rd earring is free with code 2PLUS1

    Every 3rd earring in your order is free, so also the 6th, 9th, 12th, etc.

    Earring sets are excluded from this discount, because the discount is already in the price of the set. 

    Depending on the device you use you can fill the discount code in during checkout. For many devices it can be found after you filled out the shipping information.

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