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Most of our gold jewellery is plated with 3 microns 14 - 16 karat gold. This is a thick layer of gold (thicker than most conventional gold plated items), but still it is recommended to take good care to keep your jewellery shiny and beautiful for the longest time.
It is best not to wear it:
  In the water (we recommend not to shower with it).
  While sleeping.
  During work-outs.
Also make sure not to spray perfume or other chemicals on it. 
When taking your jewellery while travelling, make sure to store your pieces in separate places or bring them wrapped in paper, to avoid scratching.
With every necklace and two or more earrings you get a beautiful box to keep them in. If stored in the dark and on a soft surface our jewellery will stay beautiful for a long time. 

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